Abandoned Cars – A Very Real Threat

Posted on 19th April 2019

What’s the worst that could happen if you abandon a car? Well, read on and find out!

We see a major rise in the number of cars which are abandoned in rural areas, vacant public land, parking lot and nature reserves. But what we fail to understand is that Abandoned cars can be a real danger.

• Rise in Accidents
A moving vehicle travelling at high speed in adverse weather conditions may not always be able to view the vehicle which is left on the side of the road. An abandoned vehicle can cause an accident, injury to the passengers and traffic congestion.
• Threat to the Environment
Vehicles which are stolen, frequently break down or involved in an accident/fraud are the ones who are left stranded. Sometimes cars are vandalised and set the fire for enjoyment purposes. Irrespective of the reason, no vehicle must be left aside as they pose a threat to the environment. A burning car can cause a forest fire, or a fuel leak can contaminate groundwater nearby.
• Danger to Kids
A car left within the city limits can be dangerous to local children who want to explore the vehicle. Kids can get hurt by touching the parts of a car which is rusty and corroded.
• Hindrance to Waste Management
An abandoned car can be used for illegal activities such as handling drugs and garbage dumping. It may also function as homeless shelter and be a hindrance to waste management and street cleaning services within city limits.
• Waste of Government Resources
Every city council has to spend a lot of money on getting these vehicles towed. They also have to dedicate time to track the registered owners, issuing first and second notice before ultimately disposing of the vehicle. Abandoned Cars  A Very Real Threat

What’s the solution to the problem of abandoned cars

If you notice an abandoned car left by someone else in your vicinity, then do report it to the relevant authorities.
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