Old Car Removals

Do you own an Old Car that you’re ready to part ways with?
Perhaps you’ve been putting off its removal because of the towing costs or you’re dreading the hassle of having it removed.
If you live in Adelaide, consider your Old Car problem solved thanks to SA Auto Wreckers. We are Adelaide’s ‘one stop shop’ for high quality Old Car Removals while paying up to $10,000 in Instant Cash for Cars.
SA Auto Wreckers tick all the right boxes when it comes to Old Car Removals Adelaide:

  • Old Car Removal Free of Charge? Check.
  • Instant Cash for Cars up to $10,000? Check.
  • Certified Professionals Ready to Handle Your Removal with Care? Check.
  • A Fast Car Removal Service that Can Be Completed in Under an Hour? Check.

For Adelaide’s First Choice in Old Car Removals contact SA Auto Wreckers today at 0413 221 574 Old Car Removals

Your Old Car Is Worth a Lot to Us. Here’s Why We Could Pay Up to 10,000 In Instant Cash for Cars

Most Car Buyers purchase vehicles for their re-sell value or their market value. Private buyers and Car Dealerships will only want a vehicle they can either drive or resell, and so it can be hard to find a good price for an old or damaged car. That is, for anyone accept SA Auto Wreckers: we guarantee a payment up to $10,000 for vehicles in any condition even when they are old, damaged or scrap metal.
Why? Because we deal in Car Parts. We value your Old Car’s metals, tyres, rims, engine parts and more and so we can guarantee a fair price for your vehicle every time. It’s no wonder we are the No.1 Old Car Removals Adelaide Service.

We Provide Accurate Cash for Cars Quotes Over the Phone or Online for Your Benefit

SA Auto Wreckers are passionate about providing and Old Car Removals Service that is as convenient as possible for you. On top of our speedy Car Removals Adelaide Service, you can also receive an ‘Instant Quote’ for your vehicle in the comfort of your home. Contact us on the phone or online and provide us with some relevant details about your car, and we’ll provide you with a quote as soon as possible.
What details would we like from you before giving you an ‘Instant Quote’?

  • Your Car’s Condition
  • Your Car’s Make
  • Your Car’s Model
  • Your Car’s Size
  • Your Car’s Weight
  • Your Car’s Odometer Reading (Mileage)

Want to Receive an Instant Cash for Cars Payment for Your Old Car? Here’s How

Contact us via telephone or online and you’ll receive a fair and accurate quote for your Old Car. If you agree with our offer, you can schedule our team to arrive at your location whenever suits you best. From there, we’ll pay you up to $10,000 in Instant Cash for Cars and Provide you with a Free Old Car Removals Service completed in under an hour.

  • Get a Quote
  • Get Paid Instant Cash for Cars
  • Free Car Removal

Contact us today at 0413 221 574 or online.

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