Selling a car in South Adelaide

Posted on 19th April 2019

Selling a car isn’t always a smooth ride. Most people put online ads to sell their vehicle. This leads to an extensive list from which a buyer can pick a car. Due to a large number of available vehicles, sometimes sellers are forced to reduce their asking price, or they have to hold on to the car until the right customer comes along. We at SA Auto Wreckers understand the selling process and smoothen the vehicle selling experience for you.
Our experience tells us that each customer is entitled to three main advantages when selling a car.
1. Instant cash for cars
2. Convenient paper work
3. Client friendly service
Selling a car in South Adelaide

Instant Cash for Cars

Many vendors and buyers do not instantly pay the customer even though the vehicle is taken away. They delay the payment by handing over post-dated cheques or asking customers to visit the store at a later time to collect the payment. We believe a customer must receive immediate payment for the sale, that is why SA Auto Wreckers offers instant cash for cars. We offer a value up to $ 10000 for your old vehicles. We accept old cars, scrap cars, damaged cars, cars involved in accidents and different types of trucks.

Convenient Paper Work

Selling a vehicle requires a lot of paperwork such as the release of liability, transfer of title and bill of sale. This process can take up a lot of personal time. Thus, selling a car to a professional dealer can prove to be beneficial. At SA Auto Wreckers, we assist our customers in swiftly finishing their paperwork.

Client Friendly Service

People always recommend getting a cleaning and detailing service done before reselling a vehicle. While this is a good practice, it may not necessarily increase the car value for old or damaged cars. A professional dealer would be able to assess the value and offer a reasonable price even if such services are not done. We at SA Auto Wreckers offer an instant online quote based on make, model, year of manufacturing, odometer reading and current vehicle condition. We also provide free towing service for removing the vehicle from the location. Our customers do not have to spend money to get their car sold.


We are the best choice because we put our customers first and offer them attractive prices for their vehicles. SA Auto Wreckers personnel regularly picks up vehicles from various South Adelaide surroundings. If you want a quick sale, then give SA Auto Wreckers a call, or request a call back, and we will make the deal for you.