Should You Sell Your Car?

Posted on 19th April 2019

Everyone loves their new car – we all remember the excitement, happiness and pride as we brought it in. As a vehicle turns old however, the excitement fades away, and it is a temptation to replace it with a newer model. Buying a new car may be tempting, but it is a long term investment with slow returns, therefore, consider these few things before making your next purchase.

High repair cost

Is your old car damaged or has it been in an accident or is the vehicle in scrap condition? If your vehicle has undergone substantial damage or requires frequent repairs leading to high cost of repair, then it is practical to sell your car and make some cash.

Unable to begin vehicle restoration

If you had plans of restoring a classic car, but haven’t got to it due to a shortage of budget or time, then don’t let the value of the vehicle turn into scrap. The sooner you sell an old car, the more money you can get for it. A car can quickly corrode if it is left standing in a stationary state for an extended period of time. We suggest you sell your car now instead of letting it fall to depreciation. Should You Sell Your Car

High insurance premiums and fuel expense

The cost of insurance is more for some vehicles than others because of factors such as high mileage, low ANCAP safety rating, and if the vehicle model is popular and is prone to theft. So if you drive an older automobile where your insurance premium is higher than that of a new vehicle or comparable, then you must decide whether you want to keep or sell your car.

An older car may guzzle far more fuel than a newer automobile. New models come equipped with modern technology which enables them to consume less fuel.

How to dispose of your old vehicle?

When you sell your car and buy a new vehicle with advanced safety features and higher fuel economy you end up with more cash in your pocket. So, if you feel that it is the right time to sell your car then call SA Auto Wreckers. SA Auto Wreckers will make the process easy for you and offer a high price in return for your old vehicle.